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Why are we GONNA SNAP!?

After several years doing wedding photography (Firstlight Photography) Kier , the owner, had been asked by enough couples if he had a photo booth. We knew a couple of people with their own photo booth companies that were good quality and we referred our clients to them. Unfortunately most of the couples went with other companies that were... let's say they were lacking in quality. A couple of years during a client meeting when the question about a photo booth was asked, Kier just said "yes".

With the goal of offering a reasonably priced photo booth experience that was both a blast for our clients and a quality product that we would be proud to stand behind we spent the next year tinkering around with different setups until we settled on the hardware & software we wanted to use. It was fairly clumsy to start off with, experimenting with different computers / software / printers and using tripods & light stands with cables running everywhere. By the time we had a couple of dozen events under our belts we had it down to more or less of a science and settled on the hardware & software combination we thought would work best for us. At that point we contacted a friend who can build anything and sat down with him to discuss designs for our camera setup.

We didn't want to buy an off the shelf plastic box or some other generic setup that was being used by a bunch of other companies, we wanted something that would set our booth apart from everybody else. With the idea of having something with a more vintage / steampunk vibe we came up with the design we are currently using. Once we started taking the new camera to wedding shows and other events it started to take on a life of its own and the decision was made to brand the booth as a separate business and GONNA SNAP! was born.

GONNA SNAP! is committed to providing a great experience and delivering quality prints for our guests. We are constantly on the hunt for new props, different backgrounds and anything else we can add to make our booth as much fun as possible.

Since we started we've gotten to work with some amazing people and attended some great parties, but some of our favorite events are unit Father & Daughter dances at JBLM. We love working with our local military units and it is an amazing experience to see Special Forces soldiers at these dances with their daughters being goofy and having a good time... Santa photos at Sound Harley-Davidson comes in a close second though.

If you're having any kind of an event and you want to add some fun, please CONTACT US with the details and we can get you a quote. Our basic pricing info can be found HERE.

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